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Observation created by at on 4/27/2023

In Investigation: Beach Trash

School NameEdna Drinkwater School
Time12:00 pm
Beach NameLincolnville beach
Tide CycleLow
Number of 13 gal. trash bags filled2


Number of plastic bottle caps1
Number of plastic straws1
Number of plastic cups1
Number of other plastic bags4
Number of buoys1
Other plastic items foundLobster band x 10, Credit card, Milk tab, credit card, Tape, styrofoam, tarp, candy wrappers, water bottle wrapper, flagging tape x 8, two siding panels


Number of other paper products2



Number of glass items found2


Number of cigarettes/cigars16
Number of ropes2
Number of pottery pieces1
Number of clothing pieces1
Field NotesI noticed that when the fairy started to come up the waves started to get bigger and the little sand island we were just on was completely submerged into the water.

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