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Get started using WeatherBlur

WeartherBlur is a student-led non-hierarchical citizen science platform where your students can wonder, investigate, work with data and then act to make their community a better place!

What a WeatherBlur teacher and class experience:


  • Online teaching materials and assistance.
  • Opportunities to ZOOM with staff and other WeatherBlur teachers to share experience and ask questions.
  • Be part of an exciting cohort of WeatherBlur teachers 
  • Opportunities to meet scientists online.


  • Online platform to wonder, collect and explore data.
  • Safe online interaction with other students, teachers, and scientists.
  • Opportunities to interact with REAL scientists online and through zoom meetings
  • Share their work with the wider community.

It is easy to become involved.

  • An educator signs up their class to be part of the WeatherBlur community.
  • The WeatherBlur team adds the educator and school to the system (this can take a couple of days).
  • The educator then gets their student’s parents to complete an online permission form.
  • The WeatherBlur team will then invite the educator to upload their students into the system – allowing the educator to set the student’s user names and passwords.
  • The educator and their students now have full access to the site including training videos to lead the educator step-by-step through the process.

Students can wonder about a problem in their community, discuss their ideas with others online, including scientists and experts, help develop protocols to collect data, investigate and work with the data and finally, come up with an action plan to use their findings to make real change.

What does it cost to be a WeatherBlur teacher?

During the 2021-2022 school year, we are offering a special Beta Version of the program for teachers to join WeatherBlur.  a WeatherBlur teacher will get full access to the platform for themselves and up to 50 of their own students for just US$500.

Next steps...


Your teacher will register you into WeatherBlur and provide you with a login and password.

Community Experts

Please register here.   It takes a day for us to confirm your registration. You can then login and provide input for projects in your community/field and beyond.


Come and join the WeatherBlur Teacher Community.  Click here for details.