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iWonder is a student-led platform that allows classrooms to develop their own research programs, called investigations, to help them solve a local problem that may be related to environmental challenges.

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About Us

The iWonder project brings together students, educators, scientists, and community members across varying communities and educational settings. These community stakeholders work toward a common goal to help their communities thrive and enable deep, authentic community learning within co-created community science projects.

Beyond the Curriculum

Our program doesn’t stop at textbooks and classrooms. It takes learning to a whole new level by engaging students in captivating discoveries that extend far beyond the limits of the classroom.

A teacher helps a student measure a crab on a wooden platform next to the ocean. A lobster pot and crabs in a plastic container are surrounding them.

Deepened Learning

We empower students to be the drivers of their own learning journey. With hands-on exploration and problem-solving, they’re not just absorbing knowledge—they’re actively seeking answers to the real scientific challenges their communities face.

Inspiring Purpose

By placing learning directly in the hands of students, we ignite their passion for making a difference. Our program encourages them to find purpose in the solutions they create for their local scientific community challenges.

Research-Backed Excellence

iWonder is built on a solid foundation of over 12 years of research. It seamlessly weaves together hands-on learning with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to equip your students with the skills and knowledge they need to become the scientists and leaders of tomorrow.



Flexible pricing packages allow us to meet teacher and student needs in one classroom, for a school, or across a whole district. Each plan includes teacher support, iWonder staff time, tools and resources, connections to scientists, and access to our online community platform.


Great teachers can make great change! Join us and we’ll support your journey towards elevating science learning in and outside of the classroom.



Schoolwide support creates learning growth across all grade levels. Boost every science classroom with our iWonder program!



Build your whole district up with deeper learning and supported teachers across all science programs! We’ll help you lead the way towards a brighter future for learning.



The iWonder project has existed for over 12 years and continues to reach new schools and new states. From Maine to Alabama and beyond our teachers and students have plenty to say about how important iWonder has been to them.

“The iWonder project brings together students, educators, scientists, and community members across varying communities and educational settings.”

-Marci Train

Adults stand with children over a tidal pool and look down at a portion of it that is delineated by a PVC pipe square boundary set down in the water.
Kids explore a wooded setting.
Children stand in a coastal landscape on an overcast day. Some of the students hold objects, including a net, black plastic trash bags, and a bucket.
An adult looks at a poster presentation titled "Are There Micro-plastics in Our Waters?" as students describe the two poster, which includes charts and images.

“iWonder has been an impactful resource for both me and my students as I integrate it into our math and science curriculum. Because of the student-driven inquiry, my students are engaged and excited to pursue their own wonderings about the world.”

– Abby, Maine Teacher


Interested in iWonder but still have a few questions? Contact us by email to hear about how we can help. Our expert staff look forward to hearing from you!