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Observation created by at on 4/27/2023

In Investigation: Beach Trash

School NameEdna Drinkwater School
Time12:00 pm
Beach NameLincolnville Beach
Tide CycleLow
Number of 13 gal. trash bags filled1


Number of other plastic bags1
Other plastic items found20 little chunks


Number of other paper products9



Number of glass items found5


Number of cigarettes/cigars1
Number of ropes1
Field Notes- I noticed that there were a lot of plastic chunks!
- I wondered why there were so many rubber lobster bands?
- Many of these specific things I didn’t end up finding.
- I didn’t find some of the stuff I had thought we were going to see!
- I don’t understand why people would just leave wood laying around?
- We ended up finding more trashy than I was imagining.

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