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Observation created by at on 4/22/2020

In Investigation: King Tides

Time & Place

LocationLincolnville Central School
Time12:00 pm

Before/After and During King Tide Photos

Location NameLocation name test
Photo 1
Photo 1 CaptionPhoto caption 1 test

Our locations Mean Sea Level

Tide table predicted high tide height (cm)1
Measurement to water 11
Measurement to water 21
Measurement to water 31
Average distance to water1
Distance to the mean water level1

King Tide Day Measurements

Measurement to water 1 (cm)1
Measurement to water 2 (cm)1
Measurement to water 3 (cm)1
Average height to water (cm)1
Time at maximum tide height1
WindsVery Windy
Air pressure10
Field NotesField notes test

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