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How to join us in WeatherBlur

WeatherBlur is an amazing opportunity for you to have your students involved in student-driven citizen science.

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We need your help in 2021-2022!

We are seeking teams in rural schools anywhere in the USA to test run the program in their schools next school year (2021-2022) . Teacher teams selected will be paid a stipend to be involved in the evaluation/research project.

We are looking for:

● Teachers of grades 3-8 (preference given to teams of teachers from the same school) in rural schools who do NOT currently have any teachers in their school already using WeatherBlur and who can obtain administrative permission.

● Teachers who are excited to help us collect data to inform the research we are doing around the role of computational thinking in citizen science. And, NO, you do not need to know what computational thinking is to participate!

Read more about this opportunity and how to apply (click here).


Want to join us in the future?

If you are interested in being part of  WeatherBlur in the future, then please join our interest list here.  WeatherBlur will be open to schools outside of the evaluation process in 2021-2022 on a fee-based system.