Investigation: Leaf Out and Temperature

We are observing the leaf bud growth of three different tree species at three different locations and comparing the growth rate to the observed temperature.

Instructions / How to do this investigation


Which species of trees on the Woodside campus is the first to sprout leaves in the spring 2022 and what pattern do we see when compared to the temperature?


  • Marking tape
  • Camera
  • Recording sheet
  • Tree identification sheet for New England


  1. Identify three species of trees that grow leaves on the school campus.
  2. Identify at least 3 locations where the trees can be observed on the school campus.
  3. Mark three trees of each species at each location using string or tape.
  4. Mark a specific branch and bud to measure each week.
  5. Visit the area each week starting in March 2022.
  6. Record observations in the Data Entry form on the WeatherBlur website.


Tell us how your data collection/analysis is going

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